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FY25 Benefit Information

Beginning July 1, 2024, the State of Idaho Health Plan will be serviced by Regence BlueShield of Idaho for medical and pharmacy benefits. Dental Benefits will remain with Blue Cross of Idaho.

We understand that you might have questions about this transition and what is changing from year to year, so we have put together a side-by-side comparison for each plan as well as the value-add programs to easily identify what changes and enhancements you can expect for the coming year.

OGI/Regence Townhall Lunch & Learn – Video and PowerPoint


PowerPoint: June 2024 Lunch & Learn

FY25 Health Plan Coverage Comparisons (Active Employees and Retirees)

More details and information will continue to be shared in the coming months. We encourage you to review the Important Regence Benefit Info and the resources below to get acquainted with your benefits.  

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FY25 Premiums (Active Employees)

FY25 Active Employee Payroll Premium Rates-Monthly

FY25 Active Employee Payroll Premium Rates- Bi-Weekly

FY25 Premiums (Retirees)

FY25 Retiree Monthly Premium Rates

FY25 Cobra Premiums

Active Employee COBRA Premiums


FY25 Summary of Plan Benefits and Coverages (SBC’s)

FY25 Regence Active Employee PPO SBC

FY25 Regence Active Employee Traditional SBC

FY25 Regence Active Employee HDHP SBC

FY25 Regence Retiree PPO SBC

FY25 Regence Retiree Traditional SBC

FY25 Regence Retiree HDHP SBC

FY25 Regence Active Employee Adult and Pediatric Vision SBC

FY25 Active Employee Blue Cross of Idaho Dental Summary

Plan Documents for Active Employees

FY25 Regence PPO Medical and Vision Contract

FY25 Regence Traditional Medical and Vision Contract

FY25 Regence HDHP Medical and Vision Contract

FY25 Blue Cross of Idaho Dental Contract

Plan Documents for Retirees

FY25 Regence Retiree PPO Contract

FY25 Regence Retiree Traditional Contract

FY25 Regence Retiree HDHP Contract

FY25 Medical and Dental Enrollment Applications (Actives): Please note that the Actives enrollment forms are ONLY for Non-SCO agencies and schools and are NOT on Employee Navigator.

FY25 Regence Active Employee Medical Application

FY25 Blue Cross Active Employee Dental Application

FY25 Medical Enrollment Applications (Retirees)

FY25 Regence Retiree Medical Application

FY25 Retiree Spouse Medical Application

HDHP/HSA Information

Regence SOI What You Need To Know Flyer

Regence Pharmacy

FY25 6-Tier Formulary Drug List

New 6-Tier Benefit Information

FY25 Preventive Medication List

FY25 ACA Contraceptives List

FY25 Accredo Specialty Pharmacy

FY25 Enhanced Medication Support

FY25 Generic Savings Policy for Members

FY25 Glucose Meter Program

FY25 Optimum Value Medication List for HDHP

FY25 Quick Guide

FY25 Tobacco Cessation Program

FY25 Understanding Your Pharmacy Benefits

FY25 Meds Your Way Amazon Home Delivery

FY25 Regence Pre-Authorization Medication List

FY25 Regence Value-Added Programs

Vendor List

Experian Identity Protection Info

Find care across the country: Regence Blue Card Program

FY25 Blue Card Flyer

Behavioral Health + Care Management + Pregnancy + Virtual Care

FY25 Regence Advice24 Member Flyer

FY25 Regence Behavioral Health Resource Flyer

FY25 Regence Member Care Management Flyer

FY25 Regence Doctor on Demand Flyer

FY25 Regence Partners in Care Flyer

FY25 Regence Pregnancy Program Flyer

EAP Guidance Resource Flyer

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