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Medical & Prescription Drug

The State offers three medical plan options so that retirees can select the plan that best meets their needs as well as access providers in their geographic area. Each medical plan provides comprehensive coverage, with different levels of out-of-pocket expenses and premium contribution rates.  Prescription Drug Coverage is included with medical plan enrollment. Retiree plans do not include Vision or EAP benefits or dental coverage. Deductibles and benefits for all plans are provided on a fiscal year, from July 1 through June 30.

Blue Cross of Idaho

Medical Retiree Medical

PPO Highlights:

  • You save money when you use In-Network Blue Cross of Idaho providers
  • Most retirees choose this plan

Traditional Highlights:

  • Not limited to network providers
  • Includes more provider options, particularly in rural, out-of-network areas

High Deductible Highlights:

  • Primarily used as a secondary coverage
  • Not currently compatible with any Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) or similar accounts

Retiree Medical Plan Comparison & Plan Contract

For details about premiums, please see Retiree Premium Rates.

Please keep in mind that deductibles and benefit payments are based on allowable charges. Details about the medical plans, exclusions and waiting periods, can be found in each medical plan document and Summary of Benefits & Coverage (SBC).


Prescription Drug Prescription Drug Coverage

For a covered Prescription Drug dispensed by a Physician or a Licensed Pharmacist who is not a Participating Pharmacist, the Insured is responsible for paying for the Prescription Drug at the time of purchase and must submit a claim to BCI or one (1) of its designated claims processing vendors. The amount of payment for a covered Prescription Drug is the balance remaining after subtracting the Prescription Drug Copayment and/or Coinsurance from the lower of the Allowed Charge or the Usual Charge for the Prescription Drug.


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