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You and your employer share in the cost of your medical and dental coverages.Consult your human resource office to confirm your agency’s payroll schedule. How much you pay depends on:

  • which plan you choose
  • how many family members are enrolled, and
  • how many hours per week you work
red lightning FY2024 Premium PDFs

FY24 Monthly Medical & Dental Premiums
FY24 Bi-Weekly Medical & Dental Premiums

NOTE** Premiums for some plans, particularly the Traditional plan, have changed. Review the rates prior to Open Enrollment so you can make any changes to your benefit elections. If you miss the Open Enrollment window, you will be locked into your election until next Open Enrollment or experience a Qualifying Life Event.
green arrow Full-Time FY2024 Monthly Medical/Dental Rates
Full-time Employee (30 – 40 hours per week)
Employer Medical: $1,114.40; Employer Dental: $31.42


In HouseholdPPOTraditionalHigh DeductibleDental
Employee Only$65.00$85.00$0.00$11.80
E + Spouse$197.60$263.50$47.94$37.80
E + Child$112.00$146.56$16.54$36.68
E + Children$177.02$235.80$40.50$73.02
E + Spouse + Child$242.18$323.52$64.06$62.68
E + Spouse + Children$324.48$434.30$93.82$106.82

green arrow Part-Time FY2024 Monthly Medical/Dental Rates
Part-time Employee (20 – 29.9 hours per week)
Employer Medical: $891.52; Employer Dental: $25.14

In HouseholdPPOTraditionalHigh DeductibleDental
Employee Only$150.26$196.50$33.54$13.46
E + Spouse$456.80$609.14$144.36$43.12
E + Child$258.90$338.80$71.78$41.84
E + Children$409.22$545.10$127.16$83.30
E + Spouse + Child$559.84$747.88$181.62$71.50
E + Spouse + Children$750.10$1,003.96$250.42$121.84

Are your premiums deducted pre-tax or post-tax?

When enrolling in the medical/dental plan, most agencies who participate in the state health plan, have the option to select premiums deductions on a pre-tax or post-tax basis. These plans are also referred to as a Premium-Only Plans (POP).  Pre-Tax premiums would be deducted before federal, state, or Social Security/Medicare taxes are withheld, which would also lower your taxable income. Post-tax premiums would be deducted after the aforementioned taxes are deducted. Check with your HR office to see if your agency allows for these options.

After initial enrollment, you may change your POP election only during the annual Open Enrollment period.


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