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Wondr Health FAQ

Wondr Health is an online program which helps you change how you eat instead of what you eat. Learn the skills to lose weight and keep it off forever while still eating your favorite foods. It is not a diet. As you lose weight, you also improve your health by improving the risk factors that can lead to serious, chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer and more.

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Livongo helps members worry less about managing diabetes

The living with Livongo for Diabetes Program makes living with diabetes easier by providing you with a connected meter, unlimited testing strips, and coaching.

We’ve made the process for eligible members to enroll as easy as sending a text or registering online.

Blue Cross Discounts & Extras

Blue Cross of Idaho offers a variety of value-add services, programs and products to help our members achieve their personal health, wellness and fitness goals.

Blue Cross Extras

The Blue Extras! program offers discounted rates to members.

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Know what you’ll pay for quality care with SmartShopper

Surprises can be fun, but not when it comes to your medical bills. So why choose a doctor or location without clearly knowing what you’ll pay? SmartShopper does the work for you! Already included in your benefits plan, SmartShopper helps you quickly find high-quality, in-network providers. Know what you’ll pay for your procedure and earn cash back. Costs vary dramatically depending on where you go, but with SmartShopper by your side – you won’t overpay.

It’s quick and easy to compare location online or by calling the SmartShopper Personal Assistant Team

Nicotine Cessation

Thinking About Quitting?
Nicotine Cessation Aids are now covered 100% under all the Blue Cross of Idaho medical plans as a preventive benefit. Talk to your doctor now about the cessation aid that is right for you and visit the Blue Cross of Idaho member portal for a list of covered quit aids.
Tobacco Cessation

Quit Now

Condition Support

The goal of Blue Cross of Idaho’s Condition Support, formerly Disease Management, is to empower members and/or caregivers (following HIPAA regulations as a health plan), in concert with their physicians and other care providers, to effectively manage disease and prevent complications through adherence to medication regimens, regular monitoring of applicable labs/vital signs, a healthy diet, exercise, and other lifestyle choices.

The program offers support to members and dependents who are managing an acute or complex illness or are at risk for or have a chronic condition such as:

  • diabetes
  • asthma
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • coronary artery disease or
  • heart failure

Login to the BCI Member Portal to connect with the Condition Management program


Care Management

If you are dealing with multiple or complex health problems, Care Management (CM), formerly Case Management, can help you better understand your conditions, teach you how to take an active role in your health and help with navigating any obstacles you run into. Through this program, you’ll work directly with a care manager who will create a personalized care plan. You also get educational materials and resource support. CM can help you understand your health and make changes that can help you reach your best health.

The program offers extra help to members dealing with multiple or complex health conditions like:

  • serious trauma
  • transplants
  • spinal injuries
  • cancer
  • AIDS
  • multiple chronic illnesses

Login to the BCI Member Portal to connect with the Care Management program


Everybody loves a discount! Use these to help improve your life – financially, mentally and physically. Offered by some of the most trusted companies in the U.S., these discounts are offered as a partnership with our carriers. THESE DISCOUNTS ARE NOT INSURANCE.

Principal Discounts & Extras

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Be proactive in protecting one of your most important assets – your identity. If your identity is stolen, despite your best efforts, you’ll get valuable tips on how to restore it. – Enter your group policy number: P97650
Imagine your life free from glasses and contacts. You, your spouse and dependent children receive 15% off standard pricing or 5% off promotional pricing on LASIK through the National Lasik Network, administered by LCA-Vision, Inc. | 888-64-3937 and identify yourself as a Principal customer.
Consider how hearing loss affects the entire family. That’s why you, your spouse, children, parents and grandparents can receive free annual hearing consultations and a 60-day trial on hearing aids through American Hearing Benefits, Inc. (AHB). Plus, you all get discounts on hearing aids through their nationwide network of 3,000+ hearing professionals. | 877-890-4694 and identify yourself as a Principal customer.
Take care of your family’s hearing. You and your family have access to a large network of audiologists and ear, nose and throat (ENT) physicians through Ear Professionals International Corporation (EPIC). All of you get up to 60% off major brand hearing aids. Follow-up care and batteries for one year are included for hearing aids purchased through EPIC. | 866-956-5400 and identify yourself as a Principal customer.
Ease some of the worries of traveling – whether in the U.S. or internationally. You, your spouse and dependent children have access to a variety of benefits provided through AXA Assistance. These services include travel and medical assistance plus emergency medical evacuation benefits.   Assistance is available for travel 100+ miles away from home for up to 120 consecutive days. Website or mobile app – | 888-647-2611 in the U.S. Or call collect when outside the U.S. 630-766-7696. Help is available 24/7 – 365 days a year. Print this handy flier with a wallet card you can cut out and put in your wallet or purse. Travel Assistance Flyer PDF
Consider creating your simple legal documents online. These online resources and tools, provided by ARAG(R), are easy-to-use.   You and your spouse can create, print and store essential legal documents – such as a will, living will, healthcare power of attorney, durable power of attorney, and medical treatment authorization for minors. Plus, you can access estate planning tools and a personal information organizer. – Enter your group policy number: P97650 *The use of these services provided by ARAG Services, LLC should not be considered as a substitute for consultation with an attorney.


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