Lose Weight at No Cost to You

The State of Idaho has partnered with Wondr™ to help you take control of your physical and mental wellbeing—at no cost to you. Employees, retirees, spouses, and covered dependents over age 18 enrolled in on the State of Idaho’s medical plan are eligible to apply to the program.

Wondr™ is a program that teaches clinically-proven, life-long healthy habits that lead to less stress, better sleep, weight loss, and more—no restrictive diets, calorie-counting, or specialty foods required. Skip the diet trends and try something that is based on science and actually works.

In the program’s first year, 1,618 enrollees lost approximately 5,000 lbs. Of those enrollees, 51% achieved at least a 3% weight loss and 61% participated in 8+ health sessions. That is phenomenal participation and success for a brand new program. We fully expect to see the level of engagement continue to grow this year.

Want to learn more about Wondr™ and take advantage of all the program has to offer? Check out the Wondr Health FAQ

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Already completed your first round of Wondr™ and want continued access to the tools? You can enroll again and find new ways to engage in the program and further support for your healthy lifestyle.