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When an employee enrolls in a medical plan they are required to enroll for at least self-only dental coverage. They may continue with self-only coverage, regardless of the number of dependents on their medical plan, or they can elect family dental coverage. The dental premiums are based on the number of people enrolled. 

Dental benefits are paid at a Traditional or PPO participating provider level based on the contracting status of your dentist at the time of service. Deductibles and benefit payments are based on allowable charges. Review the FY2017 Dental Plan Contract posted below for details on waiting periods, exclusions and benefit amounts.


Blue Cross of Idaho

Dental Provisions to Know:

  1. Deductibles and Benefit Limits are per benefit period except the Orthodontic Benefit Limit which is a lifetime limit.
  2. Orthodontic services are for eligible dependent children up to age 19 if the treatment has begun by age 17.

For details about premiums, please see Premium Rates.

DENTAL Plan Comparison