Planning for the Cost of Healthcare

Our health is our most precious asset, and it is both empowering and reassuring to have authority over our healthcare decisions. As costs have increased some, but not all, patients are becoming more conscious consumers of healthcare.

Think about the last time you purchased a car, a cellphone or a television. How much research did you do before you actually made the purchase? It was probably more research than you did the last time your doctor recommended an MRI or knee replacement. A key difference is that far more tools are available to compare the price and quality of electronics and vehicles, but the healthcare industry is coming along.

Price transparency in healthcare enables patients to shop for the most effective, lowest-cost health care available. It also gives patients helpful information to have engaging conversations with their Primary Care Physician (PCP) and specialists about the types of procedures/services they are recommending and the site of care for those services.

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Members enrolled in the State’s health plan can access the Cost Advisor program on the Blue Cross of Idaho member portal,, to estimate out-of-pocket costs for upcoming procedures and services. The attached FAQ document provides good information about how to access this program.

Haven’t set up your Blue Cross of Idaho member portal account? Have your Member ID handy and visit