No Better Time To Be Healthy

Chronic health conditions often happen for a number of reasons that are beyond our control. These conditions can put a strain on your overall well being, your family, and your finances. The State’s health plan has programs in place to help members manage and even improve their chronic conditions, navigate the healthcare system, and provide support to their loved ones.

You can learn about available resources on the Be Healthy page of the OGI website that include programs like:

  • Condition Support (formerly known as Disease Management) empowers members and caregivers, in collaboration with their physicians and care providers, to effectively manage disease and prevent complications through adherence to medication regimens, regular monitoring of applicable lab/vital signs, a healthy diet, exercise, and other lifestyle choices. The program offers support to members and dependents who are managing an acute or complex illness or are at risk for or have a chronic condition such as:

    Have a Heart

    • diabetes,
    • asthma,
    • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD),
    • coronary artery disease, or
    • heart failure.

  • Care Management (formerly known as Case Management) can help you better understand your conditions, teach you how to take an active role in your healthcare and help with navigating any obstacles you run into. Through this program, members work directly with a care manager who will create a personalized care plan. You get education materials and resource support.

ThumbsUp Icon Members can also take advantage of the Living Well with High Blood Pressure [PDF] self-guided workshop.


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