Mail Order Rx is NOW Available

CVS Mail Order Pharmacy is NOW Available

CVSCaremark Mail OrderGetting your ongoing prescription medication is even easier with the CVS Caremark(R) Mail Order Pharmacy. Have your maintenance medications (medications you take regularly for a long-term or chronic condition) delivered directly to you, with no additional cost- and you’ll even save money as well as time.

Prescription Bottle You can get a 90-day supply of your medication

Syringe Icon Temperature-sensitve items are shipped wtih ice packs in coolers and/or express delivery

Blue Cross of IdahoGet started by logging into your Blue Cross of Idaho member portal – select Prescription Drugs – Benefits and Coverage – Access Your Pharmacy Benefits Now. You will be redirected to the CVS Caremark site where you can select Prescriptions and Start Mail Service.

CVS Mail Order Flier [PDF]