What to Know, Open Enrollment is May 1 – May 19

The Office of Group Insurance’s Open Enrollment takes place at roughly the same time each year. This year’s Open Enrollment period runs May 1 – May 19.

alamr clock icon Open Enrollment is the only time each that you can:

  • Change medical plan types, such as switching from Traditional to PPO.
  • Elect previously declined dependent dental coverage, dependent must also be enrolled in medical.
  • Switch your premium deductions from post-tax to pre-tax or vice versa.
  • Enroll for Healthcare flexible spending account.
  • Enroll for Dependent Care flexible spending account without a qualifying event.

Annual enrollment in Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) is required by the IRS. No exceptions can be made if you miss the May 19 enrollment deadline.

If you are NOT making of the changes listed above or enrolling in flexible spending, there is no action you need to take during open enrollment. Remember, you can add or delete dependents from medical coverage at any point during the year; this action is not limited to open enrollment.

Ever wonder how flexible spending accounts work? We’ve posted a great new video tutorial at ogi.idaho.gov and our Flexible Spending Account webpage.

ThumbsUp Icon FY 2018 Premium Rates and Summaries of Benefits & Coverage (SBC) for all plan types have been posted to our website along with many other resources to guide you through the benefits available to you by your employer and administered by the Office of Group Insurance.