Using your Vision Benefit

Each active employee medical plan includes a Vision Benefit. Blue Cross of Idaho contracts with Vision Service Plan (VSP) to administer this benefit.

Participants can choose a VSP network provider or non-network vision care provider; the benefit payable is identical, the difference is the method in which claims are submitted.

A VSP network provider should be able to submit the claim to VSP directly, where a non-network vision care provider may require payment in full from you at the time of service and then it’s up to you to self-submit your claim to VSP for reimbursement of the benefit amount.

Vision care providers may offer additional discounts to patients on products and services, but the benefit paid by the State’s plan under the Vision Benefit does not change.

For detailed information about your Vision Benefit, view the medical plan contracts or visit the VSP website where you can set up an account to submit your claim,

You are also welcome to contact the Office of Group Insurance with any questions.